Petroleum Spill

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In the event of a spill or release of oil/oil products (including petroleum, non-petroleum, food oils, etc.) to the environment, the following procedure should be followed:  Immediately evaluate the situation for an ignition source or other fire or explosion hazard.  If such a hazard exists, evacuate the area immediately and call the Department of Public Safety... Read more

Radioactive Chemical Spills

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Any radioactive contamination of personnel, equipment, facilities or properties of Syracuse University must be reported to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) or his designee.  The RSO will direct the remediation and decontamination of radioactive material spills.   Clear the Area:  Notify all persons in the involved area/room to vacate the immediate area of the incident but... Read more

Inclement Weather/Severe Storms

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The University remains open and observes its schedules in all weather, unless the determination is made by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, and the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer that current weather conditions warrant cancellation of classes and/or closing. In the event of extreme weather emergency conditions, instructions will be... Read more