Emergency Procedures


If an incidental disturbance of asbestos or suspected asbestos containing material has occurred or if damaged asbestos or suspected asbestos containing material is identified, the following protocol should be followed:

  1. Clear the Area: Notify all persons in the immediate vicinity of the disturbed or damaged material to vacate the room/area. Any individuals potentially exposed or involved in the incident should stay in the vicinity of the incident for further evaluation.
  2. Close Off Access to the Room: Close the doors to the area and prevent entry into the area.
  3. Minimize the Spread of Contamination: If possible, contact Physical Plant (443-1234) to shut off the affected area’s ventilation.
  4. Notify the Physical Plant Environmental Shop (443-5697): or Environmental Health and Safety Services Office (443-4132) immediately; or after normal work hours contact the Department of Public Safety (443-2224).
  5. The Physical Plant Environmental Shop will perform any necessary asbestos testing and/or sampling and will facilitate the clean up or repair of the involved material.

Orange Alert

Visit http://safetydivision-dev.syr.edu/orange-alert/ for more information about the Orange Alert system.

Blue Lights

Click here to view a map of all the blue light locations on main campus.