Medical Emergency

If a person becomes ill or is injured and requires immediate assistance:
  1. Call 711 (campus phone) or 443-2224 (all other phones) and give the following information:
    • Building name
    • Floor/office number
    • Details of the illness/injury
  2. Stay on the phone for further instructions
  3. Do not move the injured/ill person.
  4. If you are not trained, do not attempt medical assistance before trained assistance arrives, unless the circumstances require immediate steps to preserve the life or health of the injured person before the arrival of such trained assistance.
  5. If possible, assign someone to meet emergency personnel at the closest entrance.
  6. Remain with the victim until first responders arrive.  Limit communication with the victim to no more than quiet reassurances.
  7. Report all information to emergency personnel (Department of Public Safety/Environmental Health and Safety Services Office/Syracuse University Ambulance).