Nuisance Wildlife

Wild animals, alive or dead, can spread disease and may pose potential physical hazards. Avoid all contact with wild animals.

Contact includes:

  • Bite, scratch, or kick from a wild animal
  • Exposure of eyes, nose, mouth and non-intact (cut, scratched, burned, etc.) skin to animal blood or animal saliva

At Syracuse University, only designated, trained individuals may handle and remove wild animals (alive or dead).

If there is nuisance wildlife in your work area:

  • Notify your supervisor and the Department of Public Safety immediately (711 from a University phone or 443-2224 from any other phone.
  • Do not attempt to remove or disturb the animal.
  • Depending on the incident, Physical Plant/Housing will respond and/or contact a pest management vendor.

If there has been potential contact with nuisance wildlife, notify your supervisor and the Department of Public Safety immediately.
Be prepared to tell Public Safety your name, phone number and location from which you are calling, and the nature of the incident (type of animal, animal behavior, injuries sustained).

For more information & non-emergency questions, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Services Office (443-4132).