Chemical Spill

Chemical Spill

In the event of a chemical spill or release of toxic or hazardous material that presents a potential for or has already caused:

  • A personal injury
  • A chemical overexposure
  • An exposure to a chemical of unknown health risk, including the detection of a noxious odor
  • An adverse environmental impact
  • Any other situation immediately dangerous to life, health, or property

1. Immediately notify all personnel in the affected area of the spill or release and evacuate all personnel from the affected area.

2. Call Public Safety at 711 from a campus phone or #78 from a cell phone from a location not affected by the spill. Public Safety will dispatch the appropriate response personnel.

3. Be prepared to give Public Safety the following information:

· Your name, phone number, and location from which you are calling from
· The nature of the incident
· The location of the incident (building, floor, room number)
· The name or type of substance (if known)
· The quantity of substance (estimate)
· The hazards (flammable, explosive, toxic – if known)
· Advise if there are injuries
· Suggest a secure location to meet emergency responders

4. Stay in the secure area to meet emergency responders.

5. Do not re-enter the spill area to perform rescue operations or participate in cleanup.


If the spill does not involve or have the potential to cause a personal injury, chemical overexposure, exposure to a chemical of unknown health risk, adverse environmental impact, or any other situation immediately dangerous to life, health, or property, it is not necessary to evacuate personnel from the area or call Public Safety. You may contact the Environmental Health and Safety Services Office directly at 315-443-4132 during normal working hours for spill information and clean-up assistance.